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21prodigy – my pov lyrics



listen, i know you all have seen those memes talkin’ ’bout how there’s two kinds of people in this world. listen, there is a lot of more people in this world, if you break it down some more. so lets do it

n-gga listen, we got lots of different people here
the good, the bad, and the sincere
but lets not stop there
as i got a lesson to teach, and you been runnin’ in fear
but lets just remind you of what your parents said
the world is a dangerous, idiotic, maniatic place
and don’t be mad if i got corny flow, just give me some more time and little of sp-ce

(verse 1: xx21prodigyxx)
listen, up first we got drug addicts
we go meth, cocaine and a little of crack
but listen, if you need that to live, then you lucky i ain’t snapped
don’t forget the alcoholic’s
they been buzzin lookin for friend’s to get drunk around
but one of them snap, then you fight until one can’t hear a sound
now, we got the backstabbin, ho actin b-tches
but trust me, yo friends, are mine, so now you know who’s snitchin
and n-gga’s who be smokin gr-ss
we cool as long as you get off your -ss
don’t sit around on the bed till the air around you is f-cking nasty
n-gga that’s gross, grow up
get a job, then smoke up
laying around, its no fun
don’t buy a gun, unless you need to load up

(bridge: 2x)
listen, i know people are people
but everyone has something that is meanful
so lets help them find it
n-gga’s always got love, but they never decided

(verse 2: xx21prodigyxx)
once i heard hop say, “a real n-gga doesn’t brag about being real, as long as he knows it”
and i know everyone is saying ask mysonne
n-gga just ask your soul!
you don’t need another man to let you know
cause any man who can ask himself if he’s real
that’s the n-gga who know’s what he feels
and trust me i realize
some drug deals are for the bills
and i understand but still
there’s hard payin cash that you can get
but you’d rather sit around and hit
like, why does it gotta be drugs
and why involve the guns
what you gonna die for a couple of bills?
look man i’m done
i was just doing this for the fun
let’s just hope this song get’s some love