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223 thrilly – feel this lyrics


just wanna deal this, know that you gon feel this
closing the door, gotta seal b+tch
n+ggas just say i’m the realest, im the biggest
tryna keep it quiet
don’t run don’t yell
d+mn she looking pretty, saw lil shawty shantel
they like the turned up when i just said chill
i am a vibe they just call me the thrill

they call me santa
i drip louis bells
we can keep f+cking
lil shawty won’t tell
she wants the d+ck
i put her on a spell
now they be mad because my album sells
drip down to my toe rock pressco
n+ggas be some snakes
this ain’t petco
see me on t.v
on the set tho
now i’m waiting cuz these hoes can not let go

copped a lambo as a uber
old n+ggas talking sh+t on computer
i am a gentlemen
but imma use her
ian no tv
cuz ian got bloopers