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223blicky – neva cared (remix) lyrics


i was tourin smashed ah whip(whip)
ion give ah f+ck
i grabbed another scr+pped that b+tch
the first one was a fofo 2nd beamer black one tench
b+tch i like to spend i came from never havin sh+t
i was crackin on this model action back was on her tits
remember back in middle school they laughed up in my face
now i hit the gucci store and blow a bag on drip
i be wrestling with these groupe hoes they tryna grab my d+ck
b+tch its bl!cky ima lose his soul and expect his ass ta trip
put me to ah goofy ima body bag some sh+t
i got bars ma flow hard as sh+t this ain’t no carpet b+tch
you tryna slide like yu smart
you get played like chess n sh+t
diamond clutch is h+lla sharp this bad boy smoke on torn n sh+t
i get neck like poison darts and i be high as harness
got that ap on my arm im decorated in gardensis
i flood my wrist with all these carms
i smoke wood like plaument
i jus hoped in that b+tch rarri
don’t need keys ta start this b+tch
all them horses ina hood
it could of been ah burn nd sh+t
n+ggas lame tried ta watch his ass
he made me yawn and sh+t
i got aim plus the mop attached
da whole block getin paint n sh+t
b+tch where my scratch
i need all of that
can’t have a dollar missing
i got a mask
and i got my scr+p
i just polished it
no kick back
got a lot of clips the glock would knock a whig
i’m kickin doors till i got missing toes i’m on some robber sh+t(b+tch)
i jus give her d+ck and call up bro ta call her next
and my pockets swole like some lips with collagen
b+tch i’m on that f+cking green like i just bought a tent
you tryna scream on that desk he kicking back like arguments
b+tch its bl!cky i jus went flipped ah baby bought ah fan(gang)
when its smacked that fan i’m bouncing back i bought a bands
for the rims he got lil rans candy painted tilted lins
couple case spent on a gram just so i can rub it in(i rub it in)
i drack my nuts i like to brag
and i like the mutiplepyin ad i f+ck with maps(gang)
i got my finger in her b+tt some white b+tch she upper class
put a beam on my glizzy its brighter then ah shutter flash
i just smoked another half
im bout ta buy a roley
stuff that b+tch with broken glass
b+tches crackin all these jokes
but i call up bro we want to laugh
after that i put my pistol in my coat and hunt a bag
b+tch its bl!cky i put verses ina pot and whip the bass
i be serving n+ggas left and right
they ain’t never fixed a plate
i got lot of 41 ones its bout a pound
you spit in halfs
ona guys we was ina that b+tch so fried just get the shake
told your b+tch get him out just open wide lets skip the date
told your n+gga stop with all that talkin loud lets get the fades b+tch
it look like christmas on my bracelet
i got to much codince in me i be p+ssin grape
stop talkin sh+t we smoke yo homie bro
that sh+t from different state
they ain’t bout that smoke
ain’t bout orange kush
then b+tch im finna skate
thats yo freak?
i just f+cked her tho we ain’t finna date
im bout ta eat like its supper time
i’m cleanin dinner plates b+tch