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22maurii – idk (energy) lyrics


lemme just talk my shii. ima just talk for a bit. i been goin thru sum thangs. ppl tellin me i changed. if you know me you would know i been super nice forra long time. she just wanna call me, i haven’t spoke to her inna long time. i haven’t change one bit. thas the thing that yall dont get. i just change my views. that yall never seen thru. you could just paint me as a villian yea i get it. you’ll still talk yo sh+t and yea ill accept it. when the money come around you gon regret it. you need sum from—+ h+ll naa forget it. h+ll naa forget it, ion never regret it. h+ll yea i said it. oh yea i said it

you are no friend of me, we dont have chemistry, you are my enemy, you’ll be the death of me. spiritual, mentally and metaphysically. i found serenity. you think you special, thas not yo identity. no not in my memory, couldn’t stand next to me, i doin melodies, i was just talking to you with telepathy. you tryna steal me energy. you tryna take my recipe. get the f+ck off of me. get the f+ck off of me