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22ndays – one lyrics


i miss when we would go out every week
i would watch you sleep
buy them diamonds you can keep
i don’t wanna lose you
but i lost you in your sleep
i been dreaming for us
but to you, their fantasies
i’m sorry that i love you
it’s the way you made me see
i’m sorry that i wasn’t everything that you would seek
i’m sorry that i gave you attention you could just eat
everything you did
made me feel too complete
the way that you would smile
& your t–th would show the glee
the way your eyes would sparkle
in the night, they would just flee
too much for me? no
too much for he
i loved it all, even when you would just leave
i don’t wanna do it again, repet-tions awful
5am, thinking about the problems that are costful

i got all these bandaids
in the back
for the background
baby wanna kiss me
at the show
i fl!ck her face now
i know that you miss when i would l!ck it up, go back down

aw, wait
no way..
get the fl!ck off the wrist
and drink some low taste
i know how you feel when your on that low lace
i been drinking slow
never really thrown face
i don’t wanna know
everything you told they
i don’t wanna go
everydays on replay