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23/19 – heartbreak kid lyrics


rain man, reign down on me

don’t take this the wrong way but i would rather be alone forever than spend another minute together
i need to take a f-cking look at myself, realise this is affecting my mental health, open the gates it’s time to leave

nothing will stay the same, pull the trigger blow out my brains
and wrap me in these chains, so no one speaks my name

i gave up everything my p-ssion my friends, for a vicious cycle with no f-cking end
i needed you there, but you had to much pride to care

i break my nose as my face hits the ground, these four white walls never make a sound
as i lay suffering away, i’m begging you can you take this pain
save me!

i’ll bite my tongue this last f-cking time, i can’t keep living this sick lie
they say you get wise as you get older, but these streets have never felt colder