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23:59 – forsythe pendleton jones lyrics


guess y’all ain’t get the message
me and chase, no one can test us
like rick james, i mean rick ross
chasing m’s g, getting rich forever
really think i couldn’t get better
i been the sh-t, get yo sh-t together
this my table, can’t sit together
you heard meek. different levels
sh-t poppin’ off like smith & wesson
i’m on deck. barry bonds
you know what’s next, don’t need khaled
to tell yo -ss it’s another one
priceless flow, got appraised
like i thought: one of one
purple rain, purple haze
another drank, another blunt
slimi hendrix, i’m a bad man
all in, with a bad hand
double down when it hit the fan
and i drag down when they throw it in
scr-pe the plate and let ’em do the dishes
don’t believe in luck or no superst-tion
these b-tches tell me i’m stupid gifted
they want me to slide through and d-ck ’em
i don’t…
got tunnel vision and ben frank tryna wave me in
spanish hoes say i’m muy bueno
french hoes say i’m tres bien
j-panese say, “moshi, moshi”
and these black girls say i’m the man
these arab girls like, “salaam-alaik-m”
these white hoes just wanna be friends
all they do is b-tch and they whine
all i’m doing’s wasting my time, d-mn
that sh-t gets under my skin
it don’t really matter how much money i spend
what could i give that your daddy can’t give?
these hoes done got me off topic
lost in the sauce, my sh-t drip like a faucet
on my own d-ck and i’ll never get off it
you can say pause, if you like, but i live in fast forward
never say, “my bad” ’cause i know it’s yours
so much material i need more storage
i hit from the back and she screaming, “ooh lord”
that was just a footnote, how long can he could go?
wondering when he stop, b-tch, when the beat stop
she gon’ think i’m biz markie the way i beat box
then i’m audi like a t-top, yep
lighting up tree top, sipping on bourbon
i just lay back and she blow me like kurtis
southside serpent, young forsythe
boy, your game too weak, that’s fortnite
i’m balling, you courtside, poor guy
it’s sad how much better i am than you rappers
and really in general
been getting paid for a minute too
i want my check, f-ck an interview