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24 7 spyz – i’m not going lyrics


i’m not going – no, no not me
how can you run from a tragedy
i’m not going – no, no not me
so what if you got a ph.d.

take a look around – you’ll end up in the ground
cut in the prime of youth, slain ’cause you tell the truth
it’s a mess to confess, to be young and free
unless you hold on to your dignity

the days are short – the night are long
in the field with the beast – i do not belong
i’m sticking to my att-tude
don’t take me for a common dude

stripped from home i won’t allow
the vote’s any second now
i’m not going – they want to hear
yes, yes take me

protect me from this – my family i’ll miss
it’s not for me to fight
those that i don’t know
i love who i am – i’ll change if i go

corruption’s in my neighborhood
the men in blue, don’t think i’m good
i dress like any other guy
the question is to live of die

i can tell we’re in h-ll, dipped in genocide
no shelter for those, to run and hide
protest those who have authority
death’s not a threat, that’s made by me

my brother’s on the front line
my sister’s on the front line
to volunteer your self pride
can bring you back
a changed mind