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24 chromosomes – home depot lyrics


24 chromosomes vibin at home depot

many band members like the mother f-ckin migos

y’all know i’m hispanic so i love my amigos

i ain’t got a foot fetish but i’ll slurp up on her toes

i am thirsty i need to sip some water

she calling me daddy but i’m not her father

i’ve got green yes my boys got dollars

if you were with my crew you would say it is an honor

i’m so good people say that i’m a god

if you got a juul then you know i got a pod

got so much clout were preforming abroad

if you got beef then don’t pull up on the squad

you why the f-ck the beat slowing down

all our haters are f-cking clowns

it takes a while to find the nouns

but we make bangers so don’t you frown

people be askin who is joe

joe mama you dumb -ss hoe

people be high cause they feeling low

don’t need to be high because i got the dough

this sh-t hurting c-ck and ball torture

just like a flamethrower in bed i’m a scorcher

ain’t got a strap but my finger on the trigger

i’m not white so i’m allowed to say n-

hol up who wrote this sh-t