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2468jo13 – broken life lyrics


she was a three year old broken as can be, didn’t fit in with her own family. as she got older people got colder, life wasn’t cup cakes and rainbows some one always told her. life moved on very fast but the pain always seemed to last. she was in year eight a lot of self hate,she wasn’t anything like her best mate always happy never sorry
she couldn’t even look the teachers in the eyes cause she knew she’d burst and start to cry. she felt like death was the only way but she felt like this every day. loads of things were going through her head she just wanted to go to bed, sleep through the pain don’t wake up again cause she wanted to shuv a blade through her vains. its not that easy when you know there’s asprin in the draw and you wanna take them and have an overdose. they always asked why you such a downer ”well i guess that’s the way they founder” but it’s gotten worse so much worse cause when some one say’s some thing she’ll just burst. she tied to stop the tears from rolling down her face cause she knew she was a disgrace. she doesn’t even smile real anymore she just looks down to the floor. teachers always make jokes to make her smile so she puts a fake one on all the time. so this is it world good by xxx