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25-2 life – bag men lyrics



this that, this that, this that
two-five, two-five, two-five

say it’s ten for the bag
well lets cop a bag then
when been in our f-cking bag
so forgive the baggage
if we see the b-tches bad
f-ck it we gone bag then
got me feeling like i’m shaq
at the f-cking basket, you a has been

got a 2-5 shoota hanging out the roof
you got 20 n-ggas standing on yo stoop
i ain’t f-cking with you i throw up the deuce
drunk man
you got zero b-tches on you that’s the truth

b-tch it’s sav
dumping 41 like a german playing mav
better check yo price, like you looking for the tag
i got goonies that can touch you and i ain’t talking tag
i ain’t mean to talk to her but yea yo b-tch is bad
i just faced a blunt with her now strapping on a mag
(bout to f-ck)
i can tell you p-ssy boy cause yea yo face is sad
(you a b-tch)
n-ggas always hating wanna talk behind my back
b-tch i’m, b-tch i’m, b-tch i’m, b-tch i’m, b-tch i’m in my bag

(bridge mil & $avo)
jockin’ me, jockin’ me, yo hoe she be jockin’ me
is it cause i’m making round trips like this monopoly
probably, probably, probably why she jockin’ me
yo hoe value used like she renting on the property

b-tch it’s mil
check the persona
the drip is deeper than it feels
you need some sonar
you n-ggas running for the hills
before my weekend over
two b-tches scissor for my thrill
think i’m sammy sosa, my range closer
b-tch i’m bringing rings to the table, f-ck a coaster
what you mean? bring the heat out bout my bread f-ck a toaster
like you john, stick you up back to the wall f-ck a poster
f-ck you on, trynna get my money long, keep the focus yuh