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279tyler – lungs lyrics


yeah, yeah
yeah yeah

smoking dabs it’s all in my lungs
playing with the gang i’m a get him gone
why that b+tch steady calling up my phone?
thought she ain’t f+ck with me no more
mix the beans with the lean slow mo
i got me some opps so i need a savage hoe
had to get some money i was tired of being broke
yeah they act like they my bro but i don’t know them folks
riding ‘round five deep and we got five poles
t+t+t+turn an opp into a cheerio
bullets go right through his skin it’s gone leave a hole
yeah i’m internet finessing uh i’m so digital
when i’m rolling off a xan i feel so invincible
y’all be going out sad uh that’s so pitiful
all offwhite fit got me feeling like the pope
i don’t tote no 26 19 what i tote
bad b+tch hit my dm put some d+ck up in her throat
now that b+tch steady calling yeah she hitting up my phone
yeah she had the nerve to ask me for a moncler coat
said you ain’t getting sh+t ‘lil stupid ass hoe, yeah