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279tyler – still breathing lyrics


pop this lil perc i’m still breathing
look at my body yeah i’m good eatin’
don’t ask me for no free feature
i don’t f+ck with none these leaches
they follow me yeah i’m the leader
f+ck a bad b+tch then i delete her
poured up a pint in a two liter
riding around in a two seater
riding round with like two ninas
p+ssy wet like aquafina
foreign hoe she got a visa
car go way faster than a cheetah
wait hold up i got an idea
let’s go get to the guap
thumb through all this paper
it’s so much that i can’t stop
(yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah)
yeah these drugs they didn’t k!ll me
on the x yeah that b+tch feel me
on the percy that’s the real me
can’t even explain this feeling
back then i used to be stealing
hold up, where the f+ck the ceiling?
the pint yeah where the f+ck the seal at?
hollows the plug gone recieve that
millions i can achieve that
you can die and i really mean it