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27zodeine – pressure lyrics


i’m back on my bullsh-t again
i’m back on my bullsh-t againn
i’m back on my bullsh-t againn
i’m back on my bullsh-t againn
i’m back on my bullsh-t againn
again and again
skuwop, skuwop, skuwop, skuwop
lil n-gga i’m built for it, you not
and i’m finna go cash out on 2 opps
2 opps
burn up the booth, i’m a arson
ballin too hard, put my jersey on auction
get ya lil b-tch, she say you got her starvin
street fashion n-gga, i’ll never wear cardigan
ayy ayy
pipe down
gotta watch all the fu and the sheist now
if you owe me, no time limit, right now
found me in his ho phone tryna fight now
she won’t leave me alone, p-ss her to my cousin
loyalty over love, they don’t really love you
if i tell you i love you, i really love you
i’m all in, can’t put no one else above me
cause if i do that then we gone be struggling. gone give it my all, nothing into something. won’t change up bout money, we all gone stunt it
if i need the pack then the plug”ll front it
none of you hoes don’t excite me
none of you hoes don’t excite me
f-ck on da first night no wifey
i’m jus doin my thang, they don’t like it
i swear i was chosen
all in her head like some ibruprofen
be ya self why tf is you posing
gotta prevail, never losin focus
i really ain’t even gotta catch up
n-gga why you lying, get ya checks up
soul train -ss n-gga you a extra. uh uh
livin my best life, don’t gotta think twice. shorty you ain’t even gotta check up
won’t aim for ya leg, from the neck up
you mustard, i bet you can’t ketchup
n-gga flodging. get him wet up
these b-tches plottin, jus for a dollar, get ya set up
i popped my collar, im on my sh-t, couldn’t ask for better
17, fly young n-gga and chasing cheddar
ain’t what it seem, turn 18, go cop beretta
the only way up, big 27, this our era
had to double back on a new level
im poppin right now, i’m the new elvis
you can’t hit my dope, b-tch im too selfish
in here feelin like keed, i got money fetish
jus tryna find ways, take over the game
most these n-ggas lame d-mn what a shame. when you shootin, better not miss ya aim
17, goin hard in da paint
im jus sliding in the maxima
99, yea i’m taxin ya
move in silence, im still actin up
we smokin star pack
bet you never ever heard of that
worried bout me, n-gga get ya racks
ain’t goin back, thought i told you that
360 hoes like vince in the six
take it disrespectful, if you step on my kicks. these grown hoes finna want all my kids. really been that n-gga since a lil jit
still be ballin on em all the through the hate
i found a play, gotta go all the way
i told my people that i got em, we straight
i really hang wit gorillas and apes