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2_caboose – nobody knows me lyrics


can’t go to a bar
i drive a cool car
it goes h-lla far
drive it to mars
and it’s a foreign
yo rhymes are borin’
you like ms. doring
i’m not flying, b-tch i’m soarin’
dad’s “friends” name is lauren
if you wanna ball up, don’t leave me open cos i’m scorin’
n0body really knows me
5 states but ain’t n0body gotta blow me
i’m to light they just throw me
i am my own me
got a high credit but the bank says they still won’t loan me
i don’t do what i’m told
just cos n0body really owns me
he gotta big head
slap the eiffel tower on that b-tch and it still wouldn’t fit
on the court, (ay yuh)
he knocked his -ss on the ground then he sit
f-ck all that stupid sus sh-t ya”ll be messin with
you look like a villager from minecraft, you a blacksmith
150 lb boy that’s what i lift
u city olol, yeah you know we on that gang sh-t