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2am club – black liquor lyrics


black liquor (x5)

[verse 1: tyler cordy]
drinking jet black tub
with the gold trim and it’s like half past one
she hopping in and out of the bath and it’s apparent
that i’m too buzzed to even get up
where are her parents?
now it’s 3am and we looking out on the city
whether we make it to bed before dawn is looking iffy
she p-ss a hit of this re acquire vice
talking sh-t about the people i hate but i’m just like

[verse 2]
now it’s 6am and i’m looking out on the city
thinking i better stop drinking or imma turn into someone i
don’t wanna be
i mean everyone is so happy
i’m waking up drinking coffee
i’m coughing thinking i wanna die
but now we back at some college some alcoholic girls
with collagen lips, tv, tmz they idolize
sniffing anything that fits
listening to taylor swift
working on their appearances as a 9 to 5
and we are the main event
but i can’t even pay my rent
and they saw us on tv thinking we rich
it’s sad cause i know that white girl make a nice girl act like a b-tch
we making out i can’t even feel my mouth
imma ride this train ’til it’s off the track
i’m taking out everything i’m mad about
on this chick while i hit it from the back

[verse 3]
now it’s 25 past i’m dipping on the 80
the sun is starting to come up
the water color is navy
the party people are starting to be wary of the morning
but not me not me not me
i think i’m ready to keep going
oh a lot a lot a lot i ain’t showing my face for no one
i’m free as to exhale my ex bailed i’m growing
i’m wondering what i will be
will my brother will be filthy
just for watching his older brother buy up a little realty?
what about reality i see the changes in the upper lip
still the same smile but there’s some deeper under it
baggage in my underage
to me on my under grip
toll both to my city feels like a mother ship
what is you thinking you ain’t thinking ’bout a thing
you just like the way it feels when it kicks
it’s sad cause the heels on her high
just so she can bring it low for the chicks
i’m as cold as the snow like a ski bum
waiting in line for a lift
i’ll probably hit the slopes for awhile
and the dance party getting with a twitch

[outro: “less than zero”]
“well you’ve been away for a long time
i’ve met a lot of new and interesting people
maybe this is the way it’s supposed to be
turn about it’s fair play
blair was good to me you know
i was lonely and i needed somebody
and you know, she was there, it was nice
wasn’t exactly the world series of love though”