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2aside – surreptitious lyrics


you don’t know a thing bout me
i just want the system beat
it’s not for me
it’s not just me i got balih on the beat
wrist n neck so cold but i still spit the heat
always find us out but we’ll never be on the street
all of my brothers gonna eat
garrison in the city but still back me on my fleet

cinema ticket with jiminy cricket and i’m in the cinema watching my limit
they’re watching me k!ll it they know imma feel it
this is my element watch at me breathing it
romeo no more
call me the prince cos all of this banishing
business is handlin all of this damagin
shekhin it up like it’s city i’m managin

randy savaging, imagine it
holding her body you know that she’s ravishing
and they know kav he should settle it
bars are so dirty you know i’m not washin it
if you are sh#t, i’m flushin it
if i got time i’m not rushing it
drippin on earth i’m puddling
peddling like a mountain bike on everest

ice on my wrist
ice like gelato sh#t ice on my fist
checking that list anything that i missed?
takin your limelight i cannot resist
you’re sad i exist
if you can’t find me i’m on the a#list
makin a beat before it gets blitzed
my future’s your present cos this is my gift

most of this knowledge came outside of school
don’t play by the rules
scribblin down mornin ritual
and my knowledge is telling me now cos
don’t matter now cos
finding myself in clouds but
that’s surreptitious

t##th chattering
everywhere i go i see all the kids shattering
coke ketamine
started way too young and that sh#t is just unflattering
my bars are clattering
like a f#ckin fish ye my bars are just battering
gotta lotta bills but that sh#t is just not mattering
should i get a 19 plate or should i choose the lettering?

cos they know what i do now
when they hear my bars i can hear them say ooh wow
this is what they’re talkin bout
i’m not going anywhere but still just makin moves now
there’s no roof now
i can touch the sky now call me walter white now
cos my crew loud but there’s only 2 out
2aside doin all this sh#t there’s no doubt