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2birds 1stone – destiny lyrics


verse 1
it was written in these stars
for me to spit these bars
i’ve been gifted by god
with a different point of view
my body is a vehicle
i use it to influence you
through life lessons and stories
diversify the categories
they put you in a box when you die
so why live in one
be responsible but have some fun
do you live to work
or do you work to live
i did the dirt but still
maintain the heart of a kid
don’t want to grow up but i did
and it’s beautiful
visions of my body at a funeral
got me racing to improve
my situation
but my realization
is regardless of my pace
i’ll reach my destination
still i get impatient
and start contemplating
my existence
amazing how i’m still maintaining
being this d#mn creative
life i want to escape it
can’t stand this current matrix
so i figured i would change it
i’m the one
but they didn’t believe
all i need is my trinity
then they will see
the oracle was right
all along
all the times i wrote a song
the world was behind
the time that my mind was on
i’ll be a puzzle when i’m gone
try to piece my together
if you understood my heart
then you knew me forever
you knew that i’m clever
you knew all of my effort
was for the culture
putting on my shoulders
at last i got it hold up
my life’s a roller coaster
now i’m reaching the end
of the ride
before i close my eyes
i need to ink on the dotted line
release maybe 10 or 9 albums
gold or platinum
i’m good with that
then i fallback and pass the torch
to a young cat
with the same passion and love
for the game that i have
put the craft above the bucks
and the fame
look up at the stars and see your name
g#lou it’s destiny that i came
it’s destiny that i came