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2birds 1stone – the breakdown lyrics


and we watch the break down

verse 1
sit back and observe
how i find the words
when my minds a blur
staring at a blank canvas
so many thoughts flowing
i’m not going to leak it out
i need to think about
my reserves in a drought
i could drink it now
but before it reach my mouth
i have to filter what i spout
and pour it out without a doubt

and we watch the breakdown

verse 2
so many words to use
i prefer to choose my current mood
and fit the flow into the groove
my mind is getting loose
swimming in creative juice
i pull together something clever
now i’m floating on a treasure
but there might be something better
so i take a little breather dig a little deeper
all my life i’ve been a seeker
other divers couldn’t keep up
i’m beneath the depth they couldn’t reach
i’m seeing things you’ve never seen
and what i’ve uncovered
is worth more than any dream
my eyes gleam with the speed of lightning
racing to the surface it takes a lot of courage
to unearth this chest made of flesh
with a rare beating gem i fear once i turn it in
i’ll never get it back again
so before i hand it over
i make sure i hold it
do my best to expose it
to the truth

and we watch the breakdown

verse 2
breakdown get up
stand tall sit up
no matter what they say
apply that pressure never let up
some would say shut up
others say dumb luck
but keep your hands
high to the sky
like a stick up
and don’t forget to stick up
even if you pick a stick up
and fight for the rights of other people
that you pick up
cause life is but a hiccup
that’ll leave you mixed up
there’s speed bumps
in the road that’ll stop your pickup
double lines that confine spots
that’ll leave you blind
and if you don’t move from your lane
you’ll be left behind and if you breakdown
third time on this road of life
you better know how to read the signs
bridges that’s collapsing
education systems broke
there’s no more middle class
they feel the bridge is like a joke
people still asleep everybody stay woke

and we watch the breakdown