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2d kai – dungeon key lyrics


[verse 1: 2dkai]
brand new kicks
brand new blade on my back
i just got the map so i run down to the trap
with my brother zac, yea we plannin’ our attack
got the clues, got the facts, now we on these n-ggas tracks
we don’t do no speak no evil
if we see it we defeat it
ain’t no way we couldn’t beat it
yea we got these villains heated

headed back to town on a dragon
yea we better not catch you n-ggas laggin’
pull up with the magic, cannon blastin’
draw the holy blade and we slashin’
i just hit the item box and got this flow (whoa)
zac just copped this chest it had a holy glow (whoa)
and we just popped the lock, (that’s when darby)(?) hit the whoa
found the seed of life now we them heroes that you know
2d’s back!
yea i frickin’ like to rap!
ain’t no cap
got me feelin’ like the (mack)(?)
i call yo shawty goldfish ’cause you know she smile back
and that’s a fact
she a snack
yea i slack, by the tree, on the beach
catch me sleeping there at 3
we can meet, you & me

[verse 2: meltycanon]
you & me
you & me
you & me
you &, me
you &, me

i think it’s the way that the world turns
that’s got us feeling lost
i didn’t think i was so soft
so i’m gon’ have to up the energy so ya’ll could (flock)(?)
and when i go hard, i’mma take off like jake long
pump fake on these lame n-ggas
i’m sakuragi off slam dunk
she stick to me like glue
i’m rare like a mewtwo
got gemstones on my shoes
i’m glistenin’ in the ballroom

oooo, satellites!
you can catch me flyin’ to the moon, (aw yea)
astro boy, on my kicks, i’m advanced
if i die, i’m too fly, bring me back, necromance
and take some trips to france
take you to j-pan
i’ll help you understand
that this life we’ve been given
wasn’t given for granted
that’s how it goes