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2ffe skylow – l.o.l lyrics


keep it real, shawty keep it real
you know you miss the way
a n+gga made you feel

keep it real, shawty keep it real
you know that, the love once lived x2

(verse 1)

i’m texting my ex, i sent her l.o.l
love once lived, what we had was real
she got a cold heart and sh+t i do too
never let your past interfere with what you tryna do
you married to the streets, when your girl married to you
when she chillin at the crib, you out there cooling with your crew
but you love her though, sh+t you was f+cking with that other hoe
now she tryna hit the door
and you was scared to give her your all
cause you been hurt before but thats another story told
now she will never be the same, thinking love is just a game
that all these n+ggas play, but you know that the love once lived
but you just let it fade away (aye)
her favorite color pink, lost her in the blink of my eye
all the f+cking round, all the arguing
she was tired, and i was tired too
get on my knees, swallow my pride
and let her know, that sh+t was real (yeah)