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2fistd – backyard freestyle lyrics


got my back against the wall yeah sitting on the couch
deep silence outside i’m thinking out loud (loud, loud)
thinking ’bout our sister we lost her the other day
police say it’s a suicide d-mn its a foul play (f-ck ’em)
and that’s a murder i ain’t a laywer i’m her brother
no further details who wit you when you in trouble ?
since not all the eyes could really see the struggle
yeah not all the hearts could really feel the hustle
i don’t know ’em but myself yeah this that realist sh-t
they be tripping on the dank no don’t you crash at sea
emb-ssy i got the real ones in my emb-ssy
bless my enemies they eaten up with jealousy
welcome to the fistd show yeah
roll or get smoked
you know i got the dope
they be talking crack an c-ke
ya heard me i got the dope
they be talking trash an broke
ya heard me i’m the hope
she thought she could f-ck me over
but i ain’t no jack like jones
my new one just like angelo
got my own back so just move back i might call my bros
b-tch please i ain’t no g but yeah i got the code
gotta bring the corn ayy we gotta bring it home ( bring it ,bring it )
so we put it on on the road like dinosaur
ever ever more show you know it feel the power
bout to boom yo f-ckin -ss b-tch it’s the taking off
you gotta know yo iron and get the rust off yo heart
while counting all the stars hope you won’t lose the moon (foreal)
i don’t need no booze still i’m probably in the mood
alb-m coming soon
label setup, bout to loot (facts)
hotter than the june
you just need to play it cool (play play)
my uncle were on some sh-t yeah that done f-cked up his liver
momma gave her brother a new life now he’s outta danger (life)
that’s vim and vigor
yea my father been a strenght of pillar
looked in the mirror it said boy you ain’t no f-ckin quitter
and when i reckon her true colours it was colourless (sh-t)
d-mn i trick the death my scene is quite murderous (that’s right)
i kiss the h-ll and back yeah it was quite adventurous
plus too venturous oo god such a perfectionist (thank god)
emb-ssy i got the real ones in emb-ssy
trill ones in my section you know that’s mandatory
bless my enemies they eaten up with jealousy
they got a big tummy like humpty so i
let ’em eat
all my young ones pulling up they all bout that action
when you know the purpose well it nourishes the p-ssion
we gon’ make it happen f-ckboy we don’t need no weapon
do not forget to put respek ‘fore you f-ckin mention….