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2fistd – just know it lyrics


just know it know ugh know it (know it)
came from the rough, no lotion (no lotion)
kids on smack i ain joking (ain’t joking)
ya just fade away as we smoking
this that real sh-t ya just gossip (gossip)
ya dying ova p-ssy i just pop it (pop it )
point point at my sh-t i be chopping
i’m just walk-in humbly playing knockin
excuse me no excuses i do it i do it (i do it )
slowly but surely i’m gon get it imma get it (i’mma get it )
rep for my city i’m rapping if they f-ckin hating imma wrap em
tell who ever the f-ck say they hip- hopping
words ain’t enough be the action
uh jolt of bolt running through my body
who gon try me,i’m real haunting
don’t take it easy my squad heavy
man play it safe we gon smash it
lemme tell ya one thing
lemme tell ya one thing
riding round the town
we run it pull up
with the shades of sk!lls
hold up these boyz talk bullsh-t
they ain sh-t in this b-tch
ever since got the beat beat
she want me to screen k!llin it me
2ledger on screen these f-ckers
pop nothin but poppins
swear imma keep their heads
ringing an imma keep bringing
the realest ever ugh
fistd made it 2 fistd made it
prolly won’t like what ya hate made me
it’s twenty-first century ya still living 80s
real ds picture perfect ds up in the building
under round round sh-t with no ceilings
on my pow pow sh-t cuz talk is cheap
f-ck these lil boyz,f-ck ya nill boy
f-ck a f-dg-,see us working
we jet high ya fret die…