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2ghhetto – 245 lyrics


n-ggas get smacked for always tryna be me ready to rob a n-gga this sh-t so easy ima go getta you just sit and watch tv all i do is work i ain’t talkin bout riri dont hit my line if your name ain’t fifi you doin tha most lil n-gga so cheesy 2gs b-tch and am always gettin to it wake up in tha morning get money and i re do it never pushed sh-t lil n-gga who you foolin if rap dont work this work ama keep pushin when i say 2g’s i ain talkin bout tha belt im talkin 2grand in my hand wit no help turn my dreams into life and my words into wealth money over everythin f-cked up my custy’s health

if we gotta problem all my homies comin wit me, gotta up tha tech for a n-gga fuccin wit me

how many l!cks does it take to get rich, mama raised me but i still ain’t no b-tch, coming at em harder like a gear when you switch, lil n-gga fell under pressure and he snitched

b-tch i ain no thug but am still wit tha bullsh-t, my gun gotta dicc always keep a fuccn full clip

keep it on my hip just incase a n-gga trippin, gotta wet tha floor just to catch a n-gga slippin. bustin out shots reload put another clip in , lil n-gga stop talkin just pay attention got my girl in here and you know that she ridin, if a n-ggas b-tch trippin i know that she slidin

you riding
– im riding

you sliding
– im sliding

my girl is so bad and i know that yall lyin

b-tch and i ain’t really wit tha talkin, n-gga get smacked up make him get to walking

i was out trappin while your -ss was out sleepin, you was at a party i was in your house creepin, go to tha master take tha jewlery and am leaving, money on mind guess you can say am fienin

you ain hit tha l!ck lil n-gga you was tha fuccin look out, sayin you ain a snitch but you got your homies booked now

n-ggas keep talkin like they really wit tha sh-ts
your homies probably widdit but my n-gga you a b-tch, n-ggas think they widdit just because they stole sum chips, i was hittin house and i like to reminisce
you want 2gs tha belt i want 2gs tha bands
if you want perico put tha money in my hands
always keep a toolie even tho its illegal, gotta pistol wack him just to show him that its real
they be like eddy what you got that red beam for
i gotta keep it tucked so i can pop you and yo team hoe