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2glocktanaa – dont stop! lyrics


this sh+t slap like yo momma wit a belt n+gga
all these bad hoes on my right and my left n+gga
since he wanna cap we gone knock off his hat
brody speak no ingles he dont talk he attack
no i i dont want no luggage b+tch give me yo pack
heard he got most the clip but you could have the rest
bullets taking off limbs why the f+ck you got a vest
and unless you got titties we not looking at a chest
we not looking at a chest boy we aiming at heads
told him f+ck his dead homie and i said what i said
thought a n+gga wanted smoke but he came for the meds
cash carti glock make you see a whole lotta red
red beam looking like chicken pocks what i’m saying
i just snuck out for a play, cause i had to get it in
when i shot he got live, guess i gotta spin again
and you all about a hoe id rather play with benjamins
ill teach you how to rob and make more than 50 cent
you got cash and a gun but you still is a b+tch
yea the lights clap on but you still prolly switch
how yo glock got a beam and you still f+cking missed
how the f+ck is you a hitta and you still getting dissed
you could shut down the streets and im still getting rich
ill take off my boots and im still kicking sh+t
n+gga did i f+ck yo b+tch? so what if i did?
you a kid, like a slide, so what if you slid
she said that my kid and it probably is did i nut in her, sh+t bro i probably did
say you f+cked my old hoe sh+t you probably did
but i dont give a f+ck cause it is what it is
i just tried out the draco i like what it did
it can shake and jump up and down just like yo b+tch
everybody hate you n+gga what the f+ck yo name chris?