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2la kil – gold lyrics


(verse 1)
ok now suppose that it
really ain’t all that u ever been told
tell me would u be broken
could u pull up in the dirty burg
big pimping hova up in your own swerve
if u want to whip roll em
i can not convulse into enter
been to mention also
the tension build …
is missy here?
hold on it been a minute
since i been home
let me fill u in
like like is is it ?
i bet the rolls royce
get totaled if several girls
sicing belly joystick
i tell her don’t voicemail
just dead the call
selling war like
trump won’t give build the wall
f-ck it dog tear em down
make em clear the fog
i can see since this looks so pretty
can’t read like these words so ignorant
i can mean so much in one sentence
like i ain’t even lying

like stop that
you been told
it many times
forever more
them penny wise
n-ggas know the throne
is so hard to hold like f-cking gold
i let her shine like f-cking gold
everything that glitter ain’t f-cking gold
when trying to reach the d-mn goal
diamond brick gold
dog you dig it ? gold
platinum it gold yeah you know the d-mn soul is gold