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2la kil – trips to cairo lyrics


cause this that sh-t to die for
baby this that sh-t to die for

(verse 1)
my rivals robbed estates
i copped a plea
a 5th to buy
pilot maybe kind of fried
i want the flight attendant
riding me to destination
heaven well oh well
i’d rather die for this
pleasure it got the better of me
i feel as if a melody
to carry beat so elegant
the naked t’d
the tie around my neck
my n-ggas bury me a legend or a god
you sought to leave the cell containing you
you picked a better day to talk
about a recipe reigning compelled
the possibilities my trail to paper
tells of penitent
describes a younger
man phasing thru all the
h-ll i took my evils
then i write them down to people
who with treason tell another
keep it tight
close to argumentative desert eagle
point it at my head
i’m bout to blow my brains out
n-gga this that rifle fire
put my life on the line
like tight roping this the potentness
control em know it’s bout
quote no biggie ready road
to el dorado giving me
then you manufacture soul
for 99cent problems
carbon steel a southern n-gga
lost em in the d-mn sauce
dancing all up in the video
like diddy in his prime
i was just wanting a little better
pedal all the way to medal
man the gold always will sell

you take my soul (alright)
and never let it go (this that sh-t to die for)
you take my soul (alright)
and never let it go (this that sh-t to die for)

(verse 2)
my little darling nicki
bought it for a bargain
from the awesome higher
power when you talked em
into falling from the mayans
sacrificing every life as if
you signing it to line
red dot dripping wire
me the money money money
ima make it easy better if
you save it leave me millions
with a case of benjamin’s and grants
all mayans mayans mayans
sacrificing time for a dying
dream or raisins expiration in the sun
to zion zion zion zion

never trust n0body
your moms will set that -ss up
properly g-ssed up
hoodie to masked up
for that fast buck
that everlasting love
she’ll be waiting in the bushes
to light that -ss up