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2logz – my wife is a man (p r i d e) lyrics


[verse 1: 2logz]
12 inches between us only 5 are mine
even with a c-ck she’s still h-lla fine
cause my wife’s a man and i’m her biggest fan
i’ll gladly suck her d-ck just because i can
idiots think that makes me a f-ggot
but i’ll still play with her little maggot and grab it
cause it’s pride month and i don’t care what your think
so if you please excuse me i’m gunna paint her d-ck pink
she hugs me from behind then i feel something hard on my spine
then we both sing the chorus to where is the line
when we 69 it’s more like two 6’s
my wife’s a man so i don’t need your basic b-tches
she fills my mouth with her b-lls and her p-b-s make me gag
but i said “no h0m-” so i ain’t a f-g
my wife’s my world and her d-ck is my life
this beat’s harder then my wife

[chorus: 2logz]
my wife is man aye (x8)

[verse 2: yung jizz]
ugh, my wife is a man
she got a big c-ck
i think she wants to dock
uuuuhhh, how bout we not?
but she forces herself on me, and i’m like, “is this rape?”
i think i got raped by a man, what?
i think i got raped by a man, aye
and i enjoyed it d-mn
but i ain’t no f-g
but i suck on f-gs
wait, that came out wrong
wait, what is this song?
i take off her thong
out comes her dong
i know it’s wrong
she hairy like king kong
but it turns me on

[chorus: yung jizz]
yeah my wife is man aye
my wife is a man aye
my wife is a man, what?
my wife is a man aye
my wife is a man huh
my wife is a man, what?
my wife is a man ugh
my wife is a man

[verse 3: diaper boi]
my wife’s a man
she made me suck
why did i suck it?
i will never know
the seeds tasted vile
she didn’t last a while
even when she came
she wasn’t done with me
she turned me around
my -ss wasn’t ready
my -ss was shaking
i asked her, “please go steady”
but she don’t care
she didn’t even lube up
my boy p-ssy, got really ripped up
looked like mary jane kelly
i just wanted k-y jelly
why she hurting me?
her d-ck poking me
you know what though?
her d-ck jabbed me deep
i feel it in my heart
this is real love
with every single thrust
i feel it warm up
and i hear her whisper, and i hear her whisper
happy anniversary baby

[outro: diaper boi]
aye, pride month baby, 2018