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2merica – aqua scura lyrics


the medic-vacation
will come to an end
stock card sanity
is heading round the bend
you know it’s more possible
now than ever
you know it’s clever
you know whatever
the hubots are old
but we are still taping
the have-nots and bendicons
going / coming
babylon lost & found
front porch backyard
side flux underground

the cops are coming
have no fear x4

i learned as a boy
that music was joy
a ploy for tranquility
a void of decoy
but the voices you hear
are still not clear
you don’t need that mirror
inhale your fear
cliches will dominate
fewer of our days
the raise of a son shine
bright through the haze
i sink in a groove
of a track and i move
what moves me to move you
threw me too

the cops are coming
have no fear x4

so many lies
from state to state
it’s always heartbreak
it’s always just…. late
we go to sleep
let the world p-ss us by
reverse learning from
your social eyes
we take a risk
when we engage
you read why we p-ss
fade to grey

the cops are coming
i had no fear x4