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2mf – on da radar lyrics


beat sounds like it’s from aftermath
hard like j. cole after math class
too many flowz
this the intro anthem
westside wave i ride in tandem
with the uk style and some
mix of random flows i stole for ransom

throw a fit, throw a tantrum

when you ask them: they want more 2?
“yes” is always the answer
got you mesmerised like a pole dancer
even these haters throwing me money
ha! you heard the latest 2 track?
it’s kinda funny
i might sound like a nerd but after you hеard 30 seconds you giving me streams
to say you hatе is a bit extreme
when i seen you recite on of my 16s
trashy until in fashion like ripped jeans
just remember i do no chorus, like m1llonz and digga d

but 2 it’s music’s central see?
i just reply have you ever listened to madvillainy?
but none of you in music that deep!
maybe, few have that +n+lytical personality
shall i blame it on their star sign? silly aries
so now i make that club, duh + duh + duh + duh music you know?
i am not doing that 4 on the floor
i’m looking to leave your jaws on the floor
like there is a line of a of coke on the board
and you are looking to snort
most of you trying to sink the ship before it has even left the port
well i will smash a bottle of wine: port
on the deck and pour
the rest on a guy who snores
as a metaphor for how i am waking you all up
and then i’ll walk of the boat and part the seas so you see i don’t give a …

this the theme music get up and live your dream music
this the hype music
the type that might
make you run on stage; spit a verse
get out your strait jacket; tranquilise your nurse
get toghether cause a riot
yes sir can you disperse?
said the security guard as you look in your purse
reach for some pennies
repeat the words
you heard
by that guy, who opens your 3rd eye
anyway you proceed with the pennies
check to see if there are any
witnesses then throw the metal
mental illness maybe, but at least you free
sounds like ofg and t
something new like when you first heard odb
not too mainstream probably won’t see me on the bbc
but welcome to the c u l t
aiming for these youts, press lt
recruiting them to a collective, name i can’t decide
but this ain’t to hide between branding and lies
it’s just to create ripples and tides
with limits that don’t apply
and rules we don’t abide
it’s adidas season, not suites and ties