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2mygrave – lost time lyrics



(she waitin’ on me, all that k#, aye)

[verse 1] (lucki)

she waitin’ on me, we buyin’ that k.o.d. (aye)
a hoe toxic, lovin’ these hoes the disease (hey)
live with the mean, you plottin’ i don’t trust no one like me
your boy posted i’m speedin’ that b#tch order all# wait hol’ up (aye)
your boy posted i’m speedin’ that b#tch order all the plan b (aye)
big dawg sh#t i don’t want your hoe she got hot like me (aye)
i need water, she said i need jesus
n#ggas made caps when started, why would i want a feature?
say move like mister [?] , gettin’ close to my dream
that b#tch made me go harder, but i gave you everything
now got voodoo picture, take me out this club
drown on percocet, i can’t feel, that’s good
i’m gettin’ life [?] , why would i speak too soon?
r.i.p to the fallen soldiers
mac miller i feel you too
i really want a forty or sum’
these hoes keep doin’ me bad
anybody got stuff ’bout me
i come from b#tch i slaughter

[verse 2] (2mygrave)

red dot beamin’
okay i mean loaded
okay b#tch i’m slowly bleedin’
you ain’t got no meanin’
dope kush b#tch
imma make it work, with the dirt
on the floor the hurt
i can’t count these words for everyday on my own
always haunted by a ghost
now i see that you haunted
last 100 days have passed
slowly turn away, i had step away from the private counter
flight for my last days
(another threat)
i need another xan, hope one day you gon’ understand
that this ain’t what i f#ckin’ want
imma go to the garage for the top spot (boy)
boy i need these drugs
suppose you don’t, better k!ll you
better [?] now you far, yeah

[verse 3]

not you woadie when you walk around me
21 [?] so clean
my presence when you [?]
i love my dreams i found my peace
all my schemes that’s how y’all breathe
money come and go that’s all i see
i’m too high i’m gone off weed
i, need my daily dose, in my coffee with the roast
i, keep my brothers close, i prefer the f#ckin’ code
i’m tapped in but i got my smoke to calm down
i don’t need no hoe
when the f#ck i become a ghost
cap never flow i chase the dough
[?]we move on the low
so they just want me i don’t even know it
all my meds meet me at the doors
that’s my soda
grand mama shoulder


(she waitin’ on me, we buyin’ that k.o.d.)
(she waitin’ on, wait oh, wait)
(she waitin’ on me, we buyin’ that k.o.d.)
(she waitin’ on me, we buyin’ that k.o.d.)
(ye, ye, aye aye)