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2nd exit – dawn’s insight lyrics


we made a promise we wouldn’t forget where we came from
we wouldn’t forget where we’re headin’
we watched the good and the bad come and go
still the love stays imbedded
we’re travelling way ahead of the curve
and we can see where lines lay
and we need to move sideways
we’re taking a step instead of a swerve
for us safe monday to friday
‘cuz we ain’t living for the weekend
we just tryna make it through each day each month each season
we’re not here to exist
with no reason to be
we just give up, cease and desist

another dark day
i sit and wait til the sun comes up
to ease the heartache, i clear away all the broken luck

days we stray
maybe dark
lights may be low
still we dance

slumber lost
and winter’s light
touch of frost
dawn’s insight

woke up feeling like i died eight times
messed up nights on my mind ain’t right
looked left to right tryna find a sign
death lookin at me wonder why they cryin’
meanwhile i’m lookin’ at you wide-eyed
as if to improve m’eyesight
never understood but you knew i tried
ignored that and kept tryin’ to prove our light
before that we were knew quite nice
hard lights
it’s last things were simply a game
but then came the wind and the rain
so we shape those and not think of the pain