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2nd ii none – just ain’t me lyrics


wash your, wash your, wash your, wash your d-mn feet
wash your, wash your d-mn feet

[verse 1: kk]
some say i’m a gangsta, but i don’t play that role
i’m just a n-gga on a p-ssy stroll
and i can’t take no for an answer, baby
(why is that, mayne?) it just ain’t me
i mack b-tches, pretend when my pockets starts to itch
she must be a gold diggin’ b-tch
talkin’ about she love me, want some kids, i can’t knock that
when every time i wake up got her hand in my pocket
can’t be going out like no punk, huh
kk ain’t for that junk
you see, i’m the type of guy to take you out on a triple-m shot
movies, mcdonald’s, and the motel parking lot
steamin’ up a plan, tryna get my bone on
you ain’t f-ckin’—how you getting home?
can’t simp for no hoe who ain’t givin’ up the p-ssy
that’s why i tell a b-tch, just ain’t me

[interlude: kk + gangsta d]
ay k, what gon’ do about these punk -ss…
i don’t know, man—put they -ss…
dirty toes, toe jam havin’ b-tches
ay man, seen this big brown toenail b-tch
with three little crumb sn-tchers
she wanted me to play daddy for them little m-th-f-ckas
you know what i had to tell that hoe?
what did you tell that hoe?
i told her…

[verse 2: kk]
h-ll naw, it ain’t me, playin’ daddy for some other n-gga baby
(“ay, would you buy my baby some diapers”) b-tch, is you crazy?
better call that other n-gga who done did it up fast
when he got your p-ssy pregnant and left yo’ -ss
leaving you at home with your little crumb sn-tcher
and all you had to say was, “ooh, you m-th-f-ckin’ b-st-rd”
now you’re playing the hoe role, lookin’ for a n-gga
and juice up on the k, b-tch—how could you figure?
i would be concerned and try to play the daddy
bringin’ in the bacon just to keep your -ss happy?
oh no, hoe, you done played up on a real
so now it’s time to crush ya, and tell your -ss the deal
that i ain’t for the games, when push came to shove
shouldn’t have fell your punk -ss in m-th-f-ckin’ love
time to hit the road, time to find a new booty
if the hoe wanna do me, i’ll slap her, it just ain’t me

[outro dialogue]
you dirty b-tch, get your m-th-f-ckin’ -ss outta here
f-ck hoes—’91, ’92, all hoes
you’re holding up the f-ckin’ line, get out the line
ay, wait a minute, man, wait a minute
don’t you like these b-tches on these wic’s and sh-t
they be tryna get in the express line and sh-t
n-gga be tryna have one item and get the f-ck up outta there
but gon’ want us to go back get some cheese
you ten kid, nine toe havin’…
wash your, wash your, wash your, wash your d-mn feet
wash your, wash your, wash your, wash your d-mn feet
wash your -ss, wash your p-ssy, wash your d-mn feet
wash your, wash your, wash your, wash your d-mn feet
broke b-tches cannot listen to this record
funky cot hoes cannot listen to this song