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2nd ii none – punk mutha fuckaz lyrics


[intro: gangsta d]
yeah, this is dedicated to the homies
to the n-ggas that didn’t get a chance to see this album
that’s laying six feet deep…still rollin’ on a creep
looking up in the sky, you know what i’m sayin’

[verse 1: gangsta d]
another n-gga dead—but man, from what?
because he went out his way to see a b-tch -ss sl-t
he didn’t know that she was the neighborhood hoe
i guess the b-tch got a kick for settin’ up the dulo
the brotha that got k!lled was very close to me
me and k and many others went to school with g
he rolled a gl-sshouse, plushed out on laces
i remember back, we used to roll many places
‘til one night, he went to roll and get his d-ck wet
i still remember ‘cause i forget
the next day, on my way to the schoolhouse, runnin’ late
i seen my n-gga standin’ out, crying at the gate
i said, “what’s wrong?” ‘cause my n-gga didn’t look right
(“man, albert woods got k!lled last night”)
i felt hurt, wanna do dirt for my n-gga, yet, my brother
‘cause he got k!lled by a punk m-th-f-cka

[interlude: gangsta d + (kk)]
i see m-th-f-ckas don’t wanna go head up no more
n-ggas wanna use gats (punk -ss b-tch -ss m-th-f-cka)
i wish we could go back to the old school when n-ggas go head up
really i do, really i do, really i do…check this out…

[verse 2: kk]
can’t forget about a true n-gga, the only player, the b-tch hog
i’m calling on ronnie baylor a.k.a. dog
now he went out on the dot of a cluck
who was just paid up by the fool who couldn’t run up
shouts in the hood said he switched to the other side
true homies know where his heart lied
it’s a fact of his family, not a p. stone or a crip
he had to move to check hisself a grip
but now back in his hood, a little fool got jacked
blamed it on baylor but didn’t wanna hold the gat
so for his dirty work, he straight played a cluck head
(pow pow) to the brain and baylor wound up dead
and for the n-ggas that’s supposed to be true homies, yo
couldn’t make it to the funeral
bullsh-t—you thought he switched, that was junk
true homies never turn except punk m-th-f-ckas

[interlude: kk + gangsta d]
yeah, y’all know what i’m talking about, all y’all punk m-th-f-ckas
down and out on your homies, you know
f-ck all y’all
if you ain’t true from the beginning, stay the f-ck out the game
rest in peace, all homies…