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2nd ii none – the dogg n’me lyrics


i remember, wayyy back, when i was young
livin’ that crazy life, gettin’ sprung
out there gettin’ busy, holdin’ my own
didn’t really care coz momma wasn’t home

they said “young child don’t you run so wild”
“you’re out there doing wrong and you’re with the wrong crowd”
but i didn’t really trip, and so i kept a hard head
got myself to the point where i wanted fools dead

solving all my problems with that 187
makin’ ends meet with that deuce eleven
check this one fool, sn-tched him out his ride
shot him 9 times but the n-gga survived

i didn’t even know him, or know where he was from
but i didn’t really care coz i was young
nah, i was rolling with my son and my baby mama
didn’t even know we was headin’ for drama

picked up the n-gga on my p-ssenger side
dumped a whole clip on the side of my ride
hit me four times, and one went in my head
now i’m stretched out in the bed

f-ck this!

full kickin’ back in mary loma
my belly stretched out