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2nd in command – smiley part 5 lyrics


verse 1 (2nd):

i’m feeling blessed, although i don’t pray
i won another match, must be your off day
until this point in time, ain’t had a lot to say
i puff a little pot, my problems go away
i control your ways, i’m your influence
i deflect these trends
if she wanna play, i’m into it
i respect these friends
and yo girl don’t pretend
that she’s less than a 10
she’s a goddess and she knows it
and she left you+ the end
over time, attacking 2nd was a habit of sorts
claim you’re fantastic and i’m average, say you trashing a corpse
i’m like aladdin, high in the sky, can’t hear a peep
but if i listen close enough, i can my name when you sleep
i’m a presence in your dreams, i’m always up on your mind
say you’re beating all my records, but you’re on a steep decline
you just creeping? you’re a cretin
you’re embarrassing me
you say my sales are getting blocked
your words ain’t tariffs to me

chorus (2nd):
i pray for the privilege of f+cking these switches
i’m calming they itches, alright
b+tches be wetting they britches, get slaughtered, no witness
i’m practicing fitness tonight
screaming out “f+ck the beginners”, you find one on tinder?
i get them in groups of five
if you ain’t aloof, we vibing
we do much more than surviving, aight? (x2)

verse 2 (2nd):

rappers skulls are my pick+me+ups
gathering an army like pikmin does
if you tryna harm me, don’t sit with us
wannabes laughed when i bit the dust
all of you f+ckers full of vindictiveness
tryna go against me, that sh+t is sus
your raps fall flat like whitney’s bust
your last attack was sickly, cuz
i’m done with my break, ending my hiatus
i’m sticking it to every one of my haters
you just keep debating “he’s wack! he’s great!
he slaps! he’s fake! his tracks are late!”
you never listen to what i can say
“his plight’s inane! he’s gone insane!”
i’ve heard this sh+t like all my life
and finally, things are going my way
you’re lost, i’m great
you dropped last friday
that sh+t streamed nothing
you’re just in my way
listen, i got a new proposition
for the teenagers wishing they could do this too
save your money and buy that mic
your dreams, gotta see them through