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2pac – better in time lyrics


[intro] i don’t know why i be f-cking witchu

[verse one: 2pac]
was it the liquor, that makes me act blind, times that i’m with her
anonymous pictures of other n-ggas tryin to kiss her
will i love her or shall i diss her?
i’m sick of this scandalous sh-t i deal wit
tryin to paint a perfect picture
my memories of jealousy no longer carefree
cause so much bullsh-t your girlfriends keep tellin me
i’m on tour, but now my bedroom’s an open door
so it got me thinkin, what am i tryin for?
when i was young i was so very dumb, eager to please
a lil’, trick on a mission tryin to get in my p’s
me and my n-ggas is thug n-ggas, former known drug dealers
we don’t love b-tches and believe, they don’t love n-ggas
i gotta blame my attraction
but you became a distraction, a threat to my paper stackin
i thought you changed but now i know
can’t turn a ho into a housewife, baby, and there you go

[hook: jazze pha]
baby there you go, actin like a ho
there you there you go, actin like a ho
baby there you go, actin like a ho
actin like a ho, actin like a ho
hoe! see the word on the streets you’re a
hoe! just a groupie on a world tour
hoe! now i found out for myself you’re a
hoe! girl you need to check yourself

[verse two: kastro]
these silly b-tches got this game twisted
so i don’t claim ’em, just bang ’em
papa raised a player, so player, i play ’em
i got hoes that got more, hoes than me
so how i look, gettin hooked, like i ain’t got g?
truly cutie booty big, but that ain’t enough
and the head make me beg, still that just ain’t enough
when i don’t trust her, the b-tch be lyin too much
when she be dyin to f-ck me you be buyin her stuff, ho

[verse three: kadafi]
see girlfriend i know, your whole m.o.’s preoccupied with mostly
gettin clown after clown, town coast to coast – see
i been tryin to stay away from sl-ts like you
got me turned off completely by that sheisty sh-t that you do
knew from jump yo’ aim, straight through them spandex, don’t front
just name, spots on yo’ body for me to touch while you clutch this game
i keep flowin like h20 it ain’t nuthin for me to say
why you keep actin like a ho? but there you go