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2pac – n.i.g.g.a. lyrics


[intro] (2pac)
n-ggas! (yeah!) (uh)

[verse: 2pac]
who’s afraid of the punk police?
n-ggas run the streets, no justice no peace
f-ck the law, rather draw than do time
don’t f-ck with mine, cross the line, my two nines
go baya baya when i shoot ’em
korean mothaf-ckers was crooked
so n-ggas had to burn and loot ’em
now the streets ain’t safe at night
my n-ggas! straight take his life
so don’t sleep when my jeep creep up, how we hit ’em
empty the clip, then dip cuz we did ’em
l!ckin’ of shots for latasha that’s proper
love for my n-ggas but a glock for the coppers
so what the f-ck you wanna do now
i packed a .9 last year, in ’99 i’m packin’ 2 now
and even if they pull their triggers
they can shoot one man
but nothings gonna stop the plan of true n-ggas

[chorus (2pac)]
n-ggas! (yeah n-ggas, you can’t f-ck with us)
n-ggas! (cuz bein’ a n-gga means you love n-ggas)
(jada!, ey yo)

[verse: jadakiss]
my dimes make the fiends go to sleep, so they call ’em bedrocks
n-ggas is like photographers, all they take is head shots
your last words’ll be, “d-mn what’s all these red dots?”
n-ggas nowawadays, they worry me, my bars is therapy
as long as you usin’ them thouroughly
muah til the day that they bury me
my n-ggas is stronger and tighter now than they probably will ever be
and i’m a product of the ’70’s
the hood got n-ggas on punishment, that’s why they never leave
if i ain’t eatin’ with you, i’m probably beefin’ with you
if no money ain’t involved ain’t no need for me speakin’ with you
i know you got a gun but i’m hopin’ you keep it with you
cuz unfortunately, i’m one of them rappers that keep a pistol and
you know what the llama do, shady/aftermath
ruff ryders, d-block, and of course amaru
lotta people honor you
probably cuz of the way you used to bring the drama to
whoever you wanted to
you a leader when you can get a leader to follow you
but anyway, life goes on
so i’ll see you when i art in heaven like our fathers do

[chorus (2pac)]
n-ggas! (yeah n-ggas, you can’t f-ck with us)
n-ggas! (yeah n-ggas, cuz bein’ a n-gga means you love n-ggas)
n-ggas! (n-gga!, you can’t f-ck with us)
[fades out]