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2pac – no part of dis lyrics


flavor unit in tha mothaf-ckin’ house
2pac ready to set this out
for the n-ggas that thought i fell off
this especially goes out to my mothaf-ckin’ homie ag

[verse 1]
everybody’s wondering if i fell just to get a couple cents
while i still be (hot as h-ll)
now i’m back to rip this track like i’m dislexic
n-ggas stay vextin’, hextin’ how i s-xtin’
now who’s next, prepare to hear a text of speak of a n-gga that be
harder than all the heads up in the projects
why you’re starring now, wonderin’ how i rip and rock the sh-t
pimpin’, poppin’ sh-t, 2pac’ll hit you with some hippity hoppity sh-t
n-ggas get a grip or slip and slit yo’ sh-t
i hate you quit for some old sh-t you ain’t equipped to kick
2pac’ll live (?) to take control-

(go, go, go, go, go!)
(no part of dis!)

[verse 2/3(?)]
if i had a bigger d-ck or a dime for every time
motherf-ckers took a bid of a lies filling my rhyme
i’ll be richer than a b-tch with a trick, who pickpockets
equiped with the d-ck that’s so thick, it fits sockets
please don’t misinterpret what i say to get dirty
motherf-ckers wanna jerk me (?) wonder
a f-cking freestyle frenzy for the-