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2pac – picture me rollin’ (outlawz remix) lyrics


[intro: 2pac]
yeah, clear enough for ya? (alright)
why n-ggas look mad?
y’all supposed to be happy i’m free
y’all n-ggas look like y’all wanted me to stay in jail
ho bustas!

[verse 1: 2pac]
picture me rollin’ in my 500 benz
i got no love for these n-ggas, there’s no need to be friends
they got me under surveillance
that’s what somebody be tellin’
know there’s dope bein’ sold, but i ain’t the one sellin’
don’t want to be another number
i gotta puff a gang of weed to keep from goin’ under
the federales wanna see me dead
n-ggas put prices on my head
now i got two rottweilers by my bed, i feed ’em lead
now i’m released, how will i live?
will god forgive me for all the dirt a n-gga did, to feed kids?
one life to live, it’s so hard to be positive
when n-ggas shootin’ at your crib
mama, i’m still thuggin’, the world is a war zone
my homies is inmates, and most of them dead wrong
full grown, finally a man, just schemin’ on ways
to put some green inside the palms of my empty hands
just picture me rollin’
flossin’ a benz on rims that isn’t stolen
my dreams is censored, my hopes are gone
i’m like a fiend that finally sees when all the dope is gone
my nerves is wrecked, heart beatin’
and my hands are swollen
thinkin’ of the g’s i’ll be holdin’; picture me rollin’

[chorus: 2pac + (danny boy)]
(picture me rollin’)
can you see me now?
(picture me rollin’)
move to the side a little bit so you can get a clear picture
can you see it? haha, picture me rollin’
(picture me, picture me rollin’)
yeah, n-gga
(picture me rollin’, picture me)

[verse 2: napoleon]
i’ve got a mind full of money, the beats is who i talk to
and when it ain’t painting, picture me rollin’ on a walkthrough
and now tell ’em remix this
it don’t matter how they try to do it, homie, we this sh-t
the truth and them powers can quote us
but they don’t tell the truth in their music ’cause it might promote us
the money don’t stop when a n-gga get knocked off
the world don’t stop ’cause the homie get popped off
we far away from addicts but we right where the static at
and we don’t stand around to get money, you n-ggas mad at that
mama ain’t raise no chumps, so when it’s on, i’m on it
pump 12-gauge ready to dump

[verse 3: young n0ble]
listen, they’d rather see me dead or in jail than to see me rich
that’s why i drive by slow, take a picture, b-tch
i’m in the triple black 745
on the grind getting back what’s mine
middle finger to the law, the realest that you ever saw
living my life and i’ma die a f-ckin’ outlaw
we on the verge of greatness, the hood embraced it
from the corners to the cell blocks, the code is sacred
from the bricks of compton, made n-gga mafia ties
ya hear me, k!lla kadafi sunrise
listen, can you picture all my tecs getting bigger
these n-ggas respect pressure and we only getting better, you feel me?

[chorus: 2pac + (danny boy)]
can you see me now?
(picture me rollin’)
move to the side a little bit so you can get a clear picture
can you see it? haha, picture me rollin’
(picture me, picture me rollin’)
yeah, n-gga
(picture me rollin’, picture me)

[verse 4: e.d.i. mean]
i got my two-tone sig, brains blown big
and i’m flying down the freeway on the way to getting rich
i ain’t trippin’ on no b-tch, my mind on cash
all these hating muh’f-ckas thinking i ain’t gon’ last
i’m a 10-year vet, rep built on respect
if it ain’t about some chips or a check, eat a d-ck
yeah, i’m shining up my shoes when i cruise, n-ggas get the blues
hoes go “ooh” when they see how the roof move
dude is a fool, mayne, the cops can’t catch him
hood n-ggas know he an outlaw retched
come through the block, spread love everywhere
put something in the air then i’m rollin’; picture me rollin’

[outro: 2pac]
is y’all ready for me?
picture me rollin’ role call
you know there’s some muh’f-ckers out there
i just could not forget about
i wanna make sure they can see me
number one on my list: clinton correctional facilities
all you b-tch–ss co’s
can you n-ggas see me from there?
ballin’ on y’all punk–ss!
picture me rollin’, baby!
yeah, all them n-ggas up in them cell blocks
i told y’all n-ggas when i come home it’s on
that’s right, n-gga, picture me rollin’
oh, i forgot! the da
yeah, that b-tch had a lot to talk about in court
can the ho see me from here?
can you see me, ho? picture me rollin’
and all you punk police, can you see me?
am i clear to you?
picture me rollin’, n-gga, legit
free like o.j. all day, you can’t stop me
you know i got my n-ggas up in this motherf-cker
manute, pain, syke, bogart, mopreme
it’s sad, dog, can you picture us rollin’?
can you see me, ho?
is y’all ready for me? we up out this b-tch
any time y’all wanna see me again
rewind this track right here
close your eyes, and picture me rollin’