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2pac – war zone lyrics


[beats by dj creep]


you have now tuned in to your girlfriend’s favorite dj, dj creep
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want to know how i did this sh-t, want to know how real my sh-t is, n-gga go read the motherf-cking newspaper you trick–ss n-gga
i’m stuck in jail [x3]

[verse 1]
murderous mind state, can’t keep my nine straight
sipping on this hennessey, waiting for the time to break
show up and motherf-ckers bow down, recognize
westside, death row, outlaw riders
untouchable mob of pistol packers
well known felons, labeled for drug selling, merciless jackers
forever buzzed roll with thugs and dons
commence to letting off rounds, then escape in the fog
who wanna see me solo? catch makaveli while he sleeping
my mini-fourteen murdering n-ggas while they creeping
duck or you -ss out, drink till you p-ss out
ain’t scared to die, drunk driving in my gl-sshouse
n-ggas is under me, they b-tches come to me
they heard the stories n-gga, now they want to really see
bomb first my motto is fully guaranteed
n-ggas is player haters, label them my enemies, i’m dumpin’


untouchable riders, murdering n-ggas
(eminem)you’ll never stop me!)
ha! scared to die
(eminem)you’ll all get shot!)

[verse 2: biggie]

the country bud got me chokin’
i’m on a mission to the point that motherf-ckers think i’m smokin’
yeah that sick n-gga biggie wit the 8 shot fifth
wit the extra clip for that extra sh-t
don’t you know that k!lling is thrilling
all the blood spilling, is all a part of drug dealing
a born gangster my daddy was a thug
had a .38 with the hollow point slug
so when he l!cked shots
n-ggas dropped quicker than a bootlegger sells his liquor
a little n-gga tried to squeeze .22’s in my reebok shoes
payin’ dues, while kids was on their one’s and two’s for me
now i’m much older, colder, f-ck a holster
got the mac .11’s swingin’ from my shoulder
it’s a d-mn shame i got to put my momma through the strain
i’m livin’ in a house of pain


[verse 3: 2pac]
my n-ggas crooked though it seems
my every single thought is caught up in collecting cream
a made n-gga; picture me dying in a blaze of gun fire
will not retire til i’m paid, turn the base up higher
when we ride, we fly by, b-tches blow me kisses
n-ggas from compton to brooklyn come on get your riches
from crenshaw to 125, and do or die
rolling with n-ggas from long beach to long isl’
i hardly smile cause my heart froze
once i; commence my show rip apart foes
and now i, got one nation it’s a crooked compilation
just to end the bullsh-t, let’s get back to money making
tell them busters that i rolled on controlling the house
my sh-t is so wicked when i flip, n-ggas closing their mouth
the cocoa brovaz, buckshot the bdi thug
greg nice, l.s., asu, so show a n-gga love, outlaw!