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2rhude – breaking rhude lyrics


[chorus: parteair]
spent alot of change on my white tee
hoppin out the range wanna fight me
flip a couple bags feel like gus fring
gon be making chicken if you fussing

[verse 1: fla jude]
stop that sh+t, you ain’t cool with that fit (trash)
running up to me, you a fool you should quit
i admit, in the stu i only bool yeah i spit
i be running through the trap
sh+t, i almost hit a l!ck
met a woman randomly
turns out she a b+tch
she always f+ckin stuttering
actin like a glitch
we both too f+cking rude
we never gonna quit
i’m tryna ball hard like i’m kobe off the switch (kobe kobe)
my pants tryna sag, cuz my pockets so fat
if u really not about it then stop the f+ckin act
pullup fast to yo momma house, see how you react (hahaha + simp)
good looks yeah you cannot teach that (no no)
she wearing see+through, i can see her p+ssy cat (p+ssy)
the only one who knows she got a tramp stamp on her back (what)

[chorus: parteair]
spent alot of change on my white tee
hoppin out the range wanna fight me
flip a couple bags feel like gus fring
gon be making chicken if you fussing

[verse 2: parteair]
ysl cologne (wiff)
girls can’t leave me alone
i cannot date girls baby i just wanna bone
you can’t have my phone (wassup)
or anything i own
cuz i can’t trust you baby
i’m better off alone (on god)
get passed a blunt
why you always choke
just gimme toke
what you always doing in the store
b+tch you broke (as f+ck)
i can’t f+ck a b+tch (huh?)
unless she make me rich (cash)
so i made a switch
now i got loads of chicks (lots of b+tches)
she be tweaking on them drugs
looking like a glitch (what)
f+cking with them thugs
turns out she a snitch
i ain’t mean to make you mad, but i gotta call it quits
why you actin like you sad, but you sucked another d+ck
tryna get me fooled, but i ain’t falling for your trick
but i can’t feel bad cuz her ass was h+lla thick
(come on man)