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2rhude – rhudeboys lyrics


[verse 1: parteair]
gucci wallet, man these b+tches wilding
hear her calling, i give my b+tch salami
b+tch i’m solid, ain’t stopping being honest
i’m a pilot, steering round this comet
wearing gloves, these b+tches scared they sus
grab a nug, i might roll a dub
knock knock, you asking for a buck
you a thug, but scared around the plug
creeping, creeping looking through my phone
sleeping, sleeping on my favourite song
speaking, speaking listen to my strait fax
dreaming, dreaming bout what is yet to come

[verse 2: fla jude]
drippin too much sh+t, i be making sauce
f+ckin bad b+tches they look like they from the south
all these f+ckin dudes keep calling me the boss
blinding these suckers cuz my diamonds got gloss
see you ain’t doing well but i’m balling like rick ross
b+tch i save the most, do you know how much this cost
got a lot of things on my motherf+cking mind
give this b+tch the pass, yeah she really wanna ride

[verse 3: parteair]
late+night, waiting for my flight
and i was shopping, i was late
guess it was my fate
now i’m running to the gate
cl!ck, cl!ck then it go, traveling offshore
china think i’m dripping, cuz our merchandise i wore
trip, trip to the store, i can’t do that no more
cuz that covid 19 don’t let me f+ck on hoes
man zaibal
now i gotta take my chains off
and i hear a cough
you can’t get me sick, so i light my molotov
i cannot quit rapping bout this sh+t
cuz ya brother and mother just tested positive

[verse 4: fla jude]
b+tch don’t k!ll my vibe
don’t f+ck with my tribe
2rhude bout to cut yo neck
sh+t gone take no time
mop my f+ckin floor, when i’m done with yo ass
you gone fly out the door if u give me that sass
when i see the popo, yeah i take out the gas
if they see me i’m speeding mad, on that gas