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2rhymez & papa dohjey – lost onez lyrics


and i am the last brown hippie
when it comes to beats and rhymez
rhymez better than weezy
when i’m talking about weezy,thats weezy f baby
coz even when it wayne’s
i pour it down easy!!
check it who’s walking down da road
it’s 2rhymez frm ksg m takin over now
ain’t n0body stopping me
ain’t n0body trying me
i got this sh+t all locked in tight
but all i do is fuse em beats n rhymes
i do this for da voice of tha voiceless
with dis rapsh+t myan m headed for greatness
look i was a honest dude
life hit me harder than the comets do
i did get it hard,this fire imma let it spark until i cannot move!!