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2ru3 – done me wrong lyrics


you think you found something
you think you found that thang (laughs)
but unfortunately
sometimes you find out you didn’t find what you thought you found

you done me wrong (so wrong, so wrong, so wrong)
oh, you done me wrong (so wrong, so wrong, so wrong)
oh you (so wrong, so wrong, so wrong)
oh, you done me wrong (so wrong, so wrong, so wrong)

i thought the love we had was so strong (so strong)
little did i know that i was so wrong (so wrong)

you did me dirty and let me in the cold
now i’m sitting here thinking where do i go

i don’t understand you baby (oh no)
i thought that you would be my lady (be my lady)

but i guess it wasn’t meant for us to make it (oh no)
even though you talked about having my baby


so i guess it’s back to square one (oh yea)
no changing the situation what’s done is done (no no)

though i still feel in my soul (yes i do)
that somehow apart of you i can’t let go

see i tried, to do everything that i could
and i made my mistakes, but girl so did you (oh you sho nuff did girl)

through it all, i was faithful and real (yea yea yea yea)
why play games when honest love i would give


now life for me is starting anew
cause i gotta learn to live without you (without you)

love’s a battlefield and my heart bares the proof (oh yes it do yea)
i’m like a lost soldier when the war is through

i was so glad when we met cause i thought your love was real (thought it was real)

but father time came on in and left it all revealed (i thank you father)

infatuation, made a sad situation
but since it’s over, maybe i’ll find my hearts salvation

so this where we at
i gave you my mind and my heart
kept it real with you all the way
and that’s how you gone be