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2ru3 – neva had a friend like u lyrics


[intro, talking and background singing interpolation of “hey dj”]
this song is dedicated to my favorite dj, u feel me (laughs)

caught up in the middle, between living and dying
seeing no value in my life, wrestlin’ with suicide

wondering why, does it seem i was simply made to suffer
hoping for ways i can come up while in my heart i still struggle

surrounded by many, but yet and still feel alone
torn and beat down feeling at any minute i should be gone

seeing no path for a change to bring upon better days
feeling cursed to daily dream of that which i’ll never taste

but then you told me not to worry if i believe i’ll achieve
work my heart and soul towards and indeed i’ll receive

motivated me out from anger and frustration inside
to later, not feel it be a crime to feel good and smile

you never once shot off -ssumptions or tried to murder my speech
and you listen to a n-gga when he speak

you let me know that it’s okay to be as real as i do
i ain’t never had a friend like you

the way you understand my pain and help to carry me through
i ain’t never had a friend like you
you helped open up my eyes to things i never knew
i ain’t never had a friend like you
sincere, genuine, caring, open minded and true
i ain’t never had a friend like you
i sincerely appreciate you for the things that you do
i ain’t never had a friend like you

you inspire me with your wisdom, intellect and perception
never once leave me feeling offended, neglected or disrespected

within my essence, as i feel empty seeking direction
you encourage me to stand strong and carry hope as a weapon

when i shared my internal struggle, you still didn’t change
you continued to conversate and didn’t make me feel strange

i laugh cause i can’t believe you’ve shown such love sister
yet when it’s real you down to ill and show that thug in ya

though those closest to me may tell me that i’m headed for h-ll
cause i’m struggling with the loving of a god i ain’t felt

you recognize that i’m sincere and genuine in my statement
suggest that surely in due time he’ll answer me and i’ll make it

still never pushing the agenda as you retain your belief
nor sugar coating how you feel when you p-ssionately speak

as i sit and reminisce on all the things that you do
i know i’ve never had a friend like you


i never shall take for granted all the kindness you’ve shown
how you understand my heart instead of label me wrong

when you went extra in -ssistance for my spirits affliction
showing comp-ssion and understanding for my brittle condition

i was caged within a mental prison burdened with anger
heart flaming with dormant pain whenever feeling frustrated

agitated, when the uninformed attempt to inform me
of my own ambition, intentions and extent of my motives

my mind is now more at ease since the day we connected
almost as free as an eagle spreading his wings in the heavens

it’s unbelievable, how you easily understand
when even those who share my blood confess they can’t comprehend

it meant the world when you looked in my eyes and told me you cared
and that its cool for me to remain as 2ru3 and n0body else

if you ever in need of me, let me know i’ll be through
cause i ain’t never had a friend like you

hey misses dj, won’t you slow this party down
lady you sure are fly
and i’m glad you’re a friend of mine