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2shots – (never switch up on my gang) lyrics


ahh how could you love me but chu switchen sides
jealously inside that’s a different vibe switchen lanes
like uh train never switch up on my gang never switch
on my gang ima always be the same i’m living life what
could i change i pray to god i make it out going up i gotta
make it bring me down i gotta take it 2018 was a struggle
now i’m back to build the puzzle feel my pain she broke
my heart don’t feel the same no more yeahhh don’t feel the
same no more knock me down i get back up life is short can’t
see the vision 1 on 1 i played division being real jehovah witness
leave me dead i’m losing focus see me cry don’t let me down
i been around no need to lie quite times don’t disappear life is