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2sidedface – fallcamefasterthanwethought lyrics


verse 1
[i’ve met with death last night
’played a game called my life
if she wins i’m f-cking out
but if i win she rolls the dice
there’s no way out
even if you fight and shout
you will crawl to her feet
she loves to see you bleed]

verse 2
[i’ve got so much d-mn visions
they will come they will go
made too much bad decisions
hear them knocking on my door
i’m just a poor boy
sitting here and writing those lyrics
hoping that someday
somebody will finally hear this]

[have you ever felt so lonely
that you wanted to die
guess who feels like that
everyday when he wakes up
emptiness invades me
i can’t even move
i just can’t let it go
i’ve got so much to prove]

verse 3
[i dont know what to do next
what to say who to be
what i know is that someday
you won’t find me
take all that bad sh-t away
i’m ’bout to go my own way
bright side face chillie
dark side face k!llie]