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2teez – change lyrics


ive been out of my mind
stressin of this world cause it couldn’t care about mine
ive been hopin i ain’t in it
cause i ain’t feelin in a minute
couldn’t keep up with the rent now im no longer a tennant
never was the same now you lookin at a remnant
never was to blame til’ the time that they needed it
stuck out for his name said i wanna defeat it
but now the water receded
and all the sh-t been deleted
but in my eyes i can feel it
rocky imma beat it
when im granted gold nah theyll never wanna say it
nah they never gonna say it

these things they dont change for ya
i know your the same dont ya?
i can’t read the slang won’t ya?
these things they don’t change
these things they dont change
these things they don’t change
these things they dont change
(alright stop it?)

i been thinking that im done
anytime i move around i feel like im on the run
i went to paranoia yeah im the number one alumn
the way that people know me i be acting like im dumb
way back, when i matched up with the young
squared off i was the perfect son
but now im coughin a lung
i just needed to breathe
ive already been hung
i just need you to sing
ive been dreaming of green
this is never enough
been anointed a king
got me feelin so tough
but enough is enough
and i’ve been running my luck
id roll the dice but i suck
i just roll and i tuck
t–z don’t give a f-ck
don’t give a f-ck