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2u4u – fall lyrics


i’m a testament to treachery
a tribute to betrayal
a study of the things we should learn to loath in males
there’s a littany of women that i’ve failed and deserted
lied to and mislead, but it’s damaged me instead
like editha, renee, jamie and marissa
ariana flew in from turin to see me as i slept
she rang me and she wept
i told her not to cry for me
aissa did she same and then she told me she would die for me
tears upon the pillow
sorrow seems to follow me
giulia, i need to know you’re hearing this apology
i should’ve come to naples when you summoned me, i’m sorry
i’m just a silly mug
a coward, that’s the cause
and if i ever marry it’ll end in a divorce
—- did me dirty
brought me close and dropped me out
i told her ’bout my father’s cancer then i watched her bounce
and the truth is
that was ruthless but she was smart
she’d known me for a while and clocked i wasn’t up to par
ella was the one for me
but i never settled ’cause i’m fearful of monogamy
kept her at a distance and i placed her on a shelf
despite she fact she’d touched me in a way i’d never felt
it broke my heart to learn that she had found somebody else
but these are more my choices than the cards that i was dealt

unless, we let go
unless, we let go
unless, we let go
i promise i will be, all you need

(my rugema)
tell me what you lied about
tell me how you sinned
tell me for the reason i envisioned my revenge
unforgivable, unforeseeable, engage
lock h-rns, be aggressive
fall away and age
the cycle still remains
this life will always change
i tried to stay away from saying that
always is a curse, forever’s even worse
don’t you see the power of your words
my hurt
is the same as yours
it furrows through the pores
cocoa b-tter leaves a stench but it makes amends
for all the times of discourse and courses to ascent
i’m honest
i comprehend, i deserve to vent
my values are a peak
so don’t forget to speak when
i send my intents on a piece of linen cloth
and stain it with my pen
yes and yes and no
but press against my skin i sow
the seeds of liver spotted tongue
of the coral bird
the feeling of the sun is more than of the sheperds to a herd
6 feet above the bed, 6 reasons i have said
insatiable, and colourful
my elephant is dead
he spoke so many languages
and moved inside his awe
but now he’s in a cage, it’s painful to ignore
a captive to myself
what am i living for
what am i living for

this love
this love
this love
this love
this love
this love
this love
this love